This is an exciting, in-depth, Level One course, where you’ll learn how to obtain the truth from anyone who is reluctant to share it. Delegates will learn to identify truthful and untruthful behaviour, along with powerful new ideas to obtain the truth from their subjects.

Who Should Attend?

Loss prevention personnel  |  Security Investigators  |  Human Resources Auditors  |  Operations Managers  |  School Administrators  |  Bank Investigators  |  Small Business Owners  |  Hospital Security  |  Law Professionals


What you’ll learn:

You will examine the following ideas in depth, which will be introduced to you by an experienced Certified Forensic Interviewer. Delegates will see real interviews completed by WZ EU’s experts, demonstrating the success of these strategies and skills. Imagine leaving the program, and being able to immediately put to use your exciting new skills and achieve the successes you never thought possible!

  • Build your skills at observing verbal and non-verbal communication and behaviour
  • Control the environment whilst reading physical and verbal cues
  • Actively investigate situations with multiple suspects by eliminating the innocent
  • Establish credibility for yourself and your investigation
  • Explore methods of showing understanding to subjects involved in acts of wrongdoing
  • Encourage people to talk through non-accusatory questioning
  • Learn to identify and handle different types of denials
  • Employ innovative strategies to reduce an individual’s reluctance to tell the truth
  • Develop admissions using innovative strategies and techniques
  • Obtain thorough written statements, with an understanding of their legal ramifications


Wicklander-Zulawski Europe are happy to offer bespoke courses to those who have large teams to train, as well as those who would like to offer interdepartmental training, such as to their Loss Prevention and Human Resources teams. All of our courses can be done with a bespoke option, so whether you want to introduce your teams to the Level One course or sharpen their skills with the Level Two, we can create a course that fits your team best.

 What are the advantages of a tailored course?

  • Cost effective
  • Courses are 100% tailored to theneeds of the delegates andthe business
  • Delegates are able to specificallyaddress the type of investigationsin their own environment
  • The work book can be customised for the group
  • Courses can address specific internalpolicies and administrative issues
  • Greater opportunities for roleplay and working through a case
  • Delivering an even higherReturn on Investment
  • Post-course test to evaluatecomprehension of the course canbe provided

For more information on booking a bespoke program for your organisation, please email info@wz-europe.com


Hiring the right person for the job goes beyond assessing an individual’s skills set. Why don’t you have the experienced interviewers of Wicklander-Zulawski Europe assess the integrity of your potential candidate? You know the candidate has the skills necessary to do the job, but can they be trusted with the company’s assets? Using a written integrity test administered on site, along with an in-depth integrity interview, Wicklander-Zulawski Europe determines your candidate’s risk potential.

For more information contact info@wz-europe.com


Learn how to put your interview skills to work for you – over the phone!

Is your organisation’s travel budget getting constricted? Do you cover a large geographic area? Do the costs of travelling to complete investigations outweigh the restitution received in many of your cases? Would you just like to spend more time at home or in your office? If the answer to any of these was yes, then the Wicklander-Zulawski Europe Telephone Interviewing Seminar is for you.

Our research has shown that, based on the cases selected, the first admission in a telephone interview is typically made in the first 9-12 minutes.

Topics covered in this seminar include:

  • Advantages and disadvantages of telephone interviewing
  • Proper room set up
  • Instructions for witnesses
  • Interpreting verbal behaviour
  • Adapting the Wicklander-Zulawski Non-Confrontational Interview methods to be used over the phone
  • Developing confessions over the phone
  • Obtaining written statements over the phone

To learn more how WZ Europe can create a bespoke program for your organisation, click here.

We strongly recommend that you attend The Level One Non-Confrontational Interview course before attending a telephone interviewing seminar/webinar. For more information on Telephone Interviewing seminars and webinars, please contact info@wz-europe.com

WZ EU’s expert instructors can conduct this seminar in several formats and integrate it with other seminars. To learn how WZ EU can help increase the effectiveness of your organisation’s interviews while increasing the return on your investment, contact info@wz-europe.com

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