HR professionals are increasingly being asked to be more productive and effective when dealing with employee issues. These issues result in difficult conversations over sensitive topics when truthfulness from the employee is important in the subsequent decision making.

Cooperation and honesty from the employee can be difficult to obtain for a variety of reasons. Too often the conversations become adversarial, employees are aware of the consequences, and sometimes interviewers are not trained in an effective interviewing style which leads to poor planning and execution of the interview.

A structured non-confrontational interview approach can overcome many of the obstacles managers face when dealing with sensitive conversations. Conversations that include; bullying and harassment, poor performance, general integrity issues and typical HR functions including employee screening.

During our two-day course, delegates learn how WZ EU trains managers to navigate these difficult conversations and reduce resistance of the employee. The structured method encourages honesty, increases the interviewer’s ability to interpret physical and verbal behaviour and expand conversations to encourage employees to reveal the totality of the issue under discussion.

By adopting a non-confrontational interview approach and learning these innovative conversation techniques, businesses can improve employee relations. HR and disciplinary decisions become based on more accurate information, thereby mitigating any further risk to the organisation.